Fall Prevention Home Safety Checklist

Home Safety: Fall Prevention Checklist

Every year, many Americans are seriously injured from falls at home. Falls are often due to hazards within the home. This can often be prevented with a variety of preventative measures that can be put in place. Here at Val-u-care, a series of downloadable fall prevention checklists have been created for the rooms within the home – providing a solution to potential hazardous problems.

Our fall prevention checklists are listed below for you:

  1. Bedroom
  1. Living Room 
  1. Kitchen 
  1. Stairs and Steps 
  1. Bathroom
  1. Miscellaneous 

To ensure the safety of your loved one, these checklists will give you comfort in knowing you are doing everything you can and provide peace of mind when aging in place.
There are many products Val-u-Care sell to prevent falls and aging in place gracefully. Call us today on 1-888-622-3304 to see how we can help you!