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Val-U-Care specializes in Fall Prevention Alarm products and has a wide variety of early alert systems to notify a caregiver that someone needs assistance. Bed pads and chair pads are used for high risk fall patients as they notify caregiver that a person is on the move and about to be on their feet. Call buttons are for an individual that will call for help when they need assistance. 


Caregiver Call Systems are used to alert a caregiver in a remote location within a facility or home when somebody needs assistance. Smart Caregiver offers a variety of call buttons that can be worn as a pendant, wristband or wall mounted. Caregiver Call Systems do not have an alarm noise in the room and meet CMS guidelines.


Val-U-Care Safety Monitor with Bed Exit Pad


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This month we have our “Always On” tamper proof Bed Exit pad and alert. Placed under the shoulders, a caregiver will be notified as soon as a fall risk individual attempts to sit up. This allows the caregiver time to get to them before they walk alone!

Fall Prevention Alarm Systems & Elderly Fall Alarm Experts

Fall Prevention Alarm Systems

Val-U-Care truly cares about helping our customers with the ultimate goal of preventing falls in the elderly and the vulnerable. Our fall prevention alarm systems can be used by individual caregivers providing in home care to relatives or nurses in professional care facilities. Val-U-Care will always do our best to help provide the right solution for you in our mission to prevent falls and wandering.

We believe there is a fall prevention solution for every situation, from our Silent Bed Alarms that help maintain a peaceful environment in a care facility, to our Cordless Floor Mats that help prevent wandering at home.


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