The Problem With Call for Help Button Services

We are all familiar with the “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” buttons…

Due to successful marketing, most of us know what type of products are using this tagline. For seniors considering the purchase of a medical alert system, it’s important to make an informed choice and maximize the value you get for your money.

Companies like Life Alert and Lifeline offer products that provide assistance after a fall. However, after experiencing a firetruck pulling up in front of their home, they may be reluctant to press the button again. In our opinion, this is too late and problematic. Let me explain…

How do these products work?

These products are routed to an emergency service that sends the EMT (Emergency Medical Technicians) that work from our firehouses. The button enables seniors who have endured a fall and injured themselves to press for assistance, whereby a response team will respond immediately to the situation. In most cases, the firehouse is required to send the ladder truck with EMT’s just in case it’s needed. Consequently, an EMT vehicle/ambulance and a firetruck will show up and arrive at the seniors home.

While the situation enables Seniors to be taken care of after a fall, the psychological implications and feelings of self-consciousness that remain amongst many of those elderly patients are so prolific, that in many cases they will not press the button again. Indeed, many seniors can be extremely embarrassed by this event, as they don’t really think it is necessary to cause such a commotion for an incident like falling.

Once released from the hospital, they will go home and continue to wear the button. But, the next time they take a fall (and think it’s not that bad) they may not push the button, instead opting to wait for someone to return home, or thinking they can eventually get up on their own and be OK.

I have had 2 personal experiences with people that have done just this. The family pays for this service, thinking it will be used, only to be out monthly payments and the elder loved one won’t push the button because they want to hold on to their dignity/pride. Obviously ignoring any fall is problematic for a number of reasons, particularly if the seniors avoid telling their loved ones. There may be a medical condition that needs to be diagnosed, not to mention the mental effects that a senior will be experiencing from multiple falls within their home and taking care of it alone.

Aside from the potential harm those seniors can cause themselves (should they fall and wait around or struggle by themselves), these call buttons are also fairly expensive, particularly if they are not being utilized accordingly. Call buttons from various companies can contain a plan requiring a start-up cost of $95 and then prescribe a monthly service that starts at about $49 per month, which is a fixed subscription cost that can’t be reduced by quarterly or annual payment terms.

Moreover, while these products are designed with the core goal of providing help, should a fall occur, they do not safeguard seniors from actually falling. With about 36 million older adults falling each year—resulting in more than 32,000 deaths, prevention is imperative for any vulnerable senior. Thus, fall prevention products that can be easily installed within the home are a fruitful option to:

  • safeguard seniors from falling
  • provide family members and primary caregivers with a early alert system
  • enable seniors to restore their dignity as alert systems like bed exit alarms and floor matts discreetly alert the caregiver when a senior has left their bed or are attempting to leave the house.

No fire alarms or ambulances are warranted with preventative products and for as little as $49.95 and no monthly fee, seniors and caregivers can stay connected at all times.

We at Val-U-Care truly do care about helping our customers. We strive to assist you with great customer service while giving you the best options to help care for those who are at risk of falling or wandering. Whether you are providing in-home care or at a professional care facility, we will always do our best to make sure that you receive the product and support you need. Our mission is to help caregivers prevent falls and wandering.

For the past 12 years, we at Val-U-Care have been specializing in the distribution of Smart Caregiver bed exit alarms. We firmly believe that, with the proper use of bed exit alarms, you can effectively and efficiently prevent wandering at night, unnecessary injuries from falls and readmissions to hospitals.

The fall prevention and anti-wandering products that we offer can greatly improve the quality of life for both the patient and the caregiver. The home healthcare systems that you find at Val-U-Care are the same products being used in healthcare facilities worldwide. Regardless of a chronic condition or if you find yourself with a temporary situation, Val-U-Care have the home healthcare supplies that you need.