The Top 3 Benefits of Bed and Chair Exit Alarm Systems

Bed and chair exit alarms are essential for individuals who want to live independently, yet still, require assistance from time to time. These exit systems alert the nurse or caregiver of their movement and assistance may be required; thus allowing them to move around safely without the risk of falling. 

What are Bed and Chair Exit Alarms?

Bed and Chair exit alarms are used to detect the movement of an individual who struggles to get around and has an increased risk of falling. Many falls can occur when the elderly are moving from one chair to another or getting in and out of bed. Therefore, exit alarm systems can be put in place to not only prevent falls but provide peace of mind and prevent wandering. Your loved one can live independently and have preventative measures put in place for so assistance is there when required. 

Here are Val-U-Care’s 3 key benefits for bed and chair exit alarms for the Elderly:

  1. Fall Prevention
  2. Peace of Mind
  3. Wandering Prevention 
  1. Fall Prevention 

It is impossible for a caregiver to be at the side of the vulnerable individual 24/7. They have many other duties to attend to. If the caregiver is not notified that the patient is attempting to leave their bed or chair is can lead to a potentially dangerous situation. Investing in an exit alarm will help combat this.

All exit alarms are put in place for one main reason – prevent potentially fatal accidents.

The bed exit alarms are a breeze to install and are simply placed under the patients’ mattress or on their chair if you are choosing a chair exit alarm. Both exit alarms are extremely user friendly and most importantly effective for fall prevention. The quiet and cordless system alerts the monitor when the pressure is released from the bed pad, notifying the caregiver so assistance can be given to the individual. Because of the simple and effective method in which this is used, the potential of falling is drastically reduced and therefore prevent falls from occurring. 

Ultimately, installing these products will reduce falls, so preventing even just one fall makes these products worth every penny. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to decipher the difference between fall prevention and fall protection, so our blog details this perfectly.

  1. Peace of Mind 

The independence and safety of the elderly individual are paramount. Therefore, installing bed and chair exit alarms within their home or care environment will provide peace of mind to both the caregiver and the elderly. This will allow the caregiver to be alerted when the individual has left their chair or bed 

The exit pads would also make a great addition to any home or care setting where the elderly may require assistance but do not want to ask for help. The bed and chair exit systems will quietly alert the caregiver that the individual may need assistance or is wandering. These exit pads create a perfect solution for an elderly individual who wants to maintain their independence, yet still requires assistance from time to time. 

Unlike many bed exit alarms that can be loud and have many wires, there is now the option of a quiet and cordless bed exit alarm system. If you are in a care home setting, then there is also the possibility of installing this bed exit system with a nurse call button too. This is perfect for individuals suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s as loud or sudden noises may startle or frighten them.

  1. Wandering Prevention 

A common symptom of dementia is that the individual may find it difficult to interpret information and struggle to distinguish between many sounds. From this, loud noises may startle them. Thankfully, quiet alarms such as… have been developed to alert the caregiver and safeguard the patient.

Some Alzheimer’s and dementia patients may be resistant to having help around the home. Therefore, products such as the pressure sensing floor mat. They signal a quiet alarm to the caregiver when the weight is applied to the mat, informing them that assistance is needed as the 

If a loved one is suffering from dementia or Alzheimers then take a look at our most recent blog on preventing wandering caused by dementia and Alzheimers. This will give you an insight into preventative measures you can put in place to ensure peace of mind and both wandering and fall prevention. 

The Overall Benefits of Bed and Chair Exit Alarms

There is no doubt that bed and chair exit alarms provide many benefits to both the caregiver and the elderly patient. The fall and wandering preventative measures are, at the very least, the essential benefits to both the caregiver and the vulnerable individual. Therefore, proving peace of mind to the patient, knowing they will remain safe and looked after even when the caregiver is not around. 

If you have any questions about either or bed exit alarms or chair exit alarms contact Val-u-Care today!

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