The Benefits of Caregivers Alarms

Caregiver alarms can keep your loved ones and seniors safe, giving you peace of mind, particularly if you live away from the elderly and frail. On top of this, caregiver call systems are beneficial if the individual is a resident within a care home, providing alerts when the individual is in need. 

Val-U-Care has put together a list of key benefits associated with caregiver alarms, so if you’re thinking of purchasing one, this will definitely help you decide! 

Help Can Be Found Quickly and Efficiently – 24/7

One of the biggest benefits of a medical alert system is having around the clock care and medical help if required. A sad statistic amongst the elderly is how falls are the leading cause of death and non-fatal injuries. The most horrific part of falls is the fact that they can happen anytime – with or without anybody around to help. 

With a caregiver alarm system, elderly or vulnerable people that live alone or spend the majority of their time alone would greatly benefit from a caregiver alarm system. Thus, having medical help on hand is proven to be lifesaving. While the caregiver may have left the room or left the house to do grocery shopping for the resident. The vulnerable individual could have access to a Caregiver Pager with Call Buttons or a Wireless Alarm With Call Button

Both of these items would greatly help the caregiver as they would be notified with an alert when the resident needs help. With the simple press of a button, the individual can alert the caregiver that they require assistance as the button instantly sends a signal straight to the caregiver’s pager. For easy call button placement, both caregiver alarms come with a lanyard or cradle for easy call button placement.

Not only can falls threaten a senior that lives alone, but medical conditions can also suddenly affect a vulnerable individual’s health and well-being suddenly. It may also be worth investing in a caregiver alarm system if the individual suffers from life-threatening conditions such as: COPD; Alzheimer’s; Heart Disease; and Cancer. 

Independence for the Vulnerable 

One of the most important factors of caregiver alarm systems is the independence the senior will have. As your loved one ages, they want to remain capable and in control. Whether that’s control over your environment, the ability to move or even something as simple as what you eat, everyone needs independence. As you get older, there can be a greater reliance on others as a sense of reliance can prove to be a vital life force – keeping people alive for many years to come. 

Another situation that can happen quite frequently for elderly and vulnerable individuals is when they need assistance in the shower or restroom. It can be difficult to know if they need help when they require privacy and want to remain as independent as possible. To alert the caregiver that the individual needs your assistance, an Emergency Call Light System can be installed in the bathroom. When the individual pulls the cord or presses the call button, this wireless emergency call system visually and audibly notifies the caregiver that assistance is needed. 

This can help to provide peace of mind for everyone involved. Moreover, a medical device can extend the much-needed sense of independence to the elderly by ensuring their safety without a caregiver or family member constantly present.  

Money-Saving Compared to Medical Bills – Affordable

The price of a medical alert system or caregiver alarm can vary depending on the type of product that you require. You can get a simple Caregiver Pager With Call Buttons for $50 or a higher end model for around $250. Although the cost of these devices can initially be a steep payout, it’s important to note that overall it will be cheaper than the cost of medical bills if the vulnerable individual needs to go to the hospital. At Val-U-Care you can find the best Caregiver Call Systems to suit price, functionality and need. 

Why should you invest in a medical alert system? 

The most powerful benefit that a caregiver alarm brings is peace of mind. For family, for caregivers and most importantly the elderly individuals themselves. Purchasing a caregiver alarm system acts as a watchful eye in the moments that you simply are not around.

If you believe that Val-U-Care can help you and your loved one with peace of mind and independence, then contact us on 1-888-622-3304 to see how a Caregiver Call System can help you!