Why Are Quiet Alarms So Important for the Elderly?

A personal alarm can be a huge sense of security for the elderly and vulnerable and the caregivers themselves. They allow people to call if they require assistance; helping older and more vulnerable individuals feel safer at home and regain their independence. Quiet alarms are simple to use and often feature just one big button to press. They can be worn 24/7 and although they may look simple they help to put preventative measures in place for when assistance is required.

At Val-U-Care we understand that when a senior is in need a quiet alarm system is required to be easy to use and accessible. Our products are developed with the elderly and caregiver in mind: being lightweight, they can be worn or carried, and long-lasting battery life. All this help is available, quite literally at the touch of a button. 

The Benefits of Quiet Alarms 

The beauty of a quiet alarm is that once the button is pressed, it does not alert the person receiving care. In turn, this then reduces the stress of the person in need and allows the caregiver to respond quickly and efficiently without raising too much awareness to any other individuals around, in a care home, for example. 

Moreover, with a Quiet and Cordless Chair Exit Alarm System, there is a wireless monitoring system that provides a low cost, quiet and cordless solution for the caregiver to know when someone is getting out of the chair. The chair sensor pad sends a wireless signal to the receiver and alerts the caregiver that they are trying to get up. This is particularly useful for elderly individuals wanting to maintain their independence at home, but also hugely beneficial for caregivers within a care home to safeguard vulnerable seniors. If this product was to be used within a care facility, a normal loud alarm system would scare vulnerable residents. However, as this product is quiet when the alarm system is pressed, it does not alert other residents in the care home; and therefore no unnecessary additional anxiety and panic is caused to the elderly resident. 

There is also an option to have a Quiet and Cordless Bed Exit Alarm System. This would be beneficial for elderly people who still want their independence but their caregiver needs to know their whereabouts for their safety. With the alarm to the caregiver being silent, the patient does not hear when the caregiver has been notified that they require assistance, therefore reducing stress and worry for both the caregiver and the vulnerable individual. 

Why are Silent Alarms Important for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

Dementia can have a detrimental effect on the way someone understands information. Their hearing may be good, but they can find it difficult to figure out what someone is saying; struggling to distinguish between many sounds and even conversations. From this, loud or sudden noises can massively frighten them. Because of this, it is important to invest in quiet alarms to ensure no vulnerable senior is alarmed by the loud noise. 

An elderly person who has dementia can suffer with their hearing even more than an elderley person normally does. This can lead to anxiety, confusion, frustration and stress. An Anti-Wandering Door Exit Alarm System allows the caregiver to be alerted when the resident attempts to exit. The DepartAlert, anti-wandering door systems trigger silent signals to the caregiver. This safeguards the vulnerable individual from the loud noise normal alarms emit to prevent upset and harm that loud alarms can cause.

If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimers or Dementia, then take a look at our most recent blog on Preventing Wandering Caused By Dementia and Alzheimers. This could help determine the necessary measures you can put in place to ensure their safety. 

Why are Silent Alarms Important for Patients and Caregivers?

Sometimes elderly individuals are reluctant to admit they require assistance, so it can be extremely difficult to care for them. To help combat this and provide peace of mind for the caregiver, you can use preventative measures to keep them safe and avoid any danger. 

Although wristbands are a good idea, elderly and independent individuals may not want to wear a wristband around their home – taking it off at every given opportunity. This adds worry to the caregiver as they do not know if or when the individual needs their help. As the silent alarms do not make a noise, they still notify the caregiver allowing the patient to get the help they need without alarming any other patients within the care facility or cause any added distress to the elderley patient. The Pressure Sensing Floor Mat would be a great addition to a care facility or home. They operate by signalling an alarm to the caregiver when the weight is applied to the floor mat and the senior is trying to leave. 

Why You Should Invest in a Quiet Alarm?

You may be struggling to look after a senior individual who is reluctant to receive the help they need. A great way to safeguard your loved ones would be to incorporate these quiet alarms with the home or care facility; so, as a caregiver you can respond quickly and efficiently, but also the elderly individual still maintains their independence. 
If you think one of our quiet alarm systems would perfectly suit your needs then do not hesitate to contact Val-U-Care on (888) 622-3304.