Wireless Alarm with Call Button


Wireless Alarm that alerts you when wireless call button is pressed by loved one

System Contains:

(1) 433-EC Wireless Alarm, (1) 433-NC Call Button, & (1) AC-04 Power Adapter

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Wireless Alarm with Call Button


Bundle Contains:

(1) 433-EC Economy Wireless Monitor

(1) 433-NC Nurse Call Button


Caregiver will receive notification at the Economy Wireless Monitor when the patient presses the Nurse Call Button. This system has a range of up to 300 feet (depending on environment) and includes a lanyard or cradle for easy Call Button placement.


•433-EC Economy Wireless Monitor has low, medium, and high volume setting with “Off/Chime” switches. 433-EC monitor uses three (3) C size batteries (not included) or AC-04 Adapter (not included)

•433-Wireless Nurse Call Button allows individuals to signal caregivers for assistance remotely with push button activation. 433-NC Nurse Call button uses 1 “12V” battery (included)


If you have questions regarding this system then please contact us at 888-622-3304 Monday thru Friday from 10am to 6:30pm EST

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