Quiet and Wireless Bed Exit Alarm System with Remote Reset Button


Eliminates Alarm in Room!

Quiet and Wireless Fall Alarm that alerts when pressure is released from the Wireless Bed Pad. Fall Alarm can be reset with the Remote Reset Button.

 System Contains:

(1) 433-EC Cordless Alarm, (1) PTB-RI 10×30 Wireless Bed Pad, & (1) 433-RB Remote Reset Button


Caregiver will receive notification at the Economy Wireless Monitor when pressure is removed from the bed pressure pad.. This system has a range of up to 300 feet (depending on environment) and is perfect for detecting when someone tries to get out of a bed.

  •  433-EC Economy Wireless Monitor has low, medium, and high volume setting with “Off/Chime” switches. 433-EC monitor uses three (3) C size batteries (not included) or AC-04 Adapter (not included)
  • PTB-RI is a CordLess® 10in x 30in Bed Pressure Pad that will send a signal to a Wireless Monitor
  • 433-RB is a Remote Reset Button that will reset either the 433-EC or the 433-CMU remotely. This allows you to assist the patient instead of having to reset the monitor first. 

If you have questions regarding this system then please contact us at 888-622-3304 Monday thru Friday from 10am to 6:30pm EST

Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs