Wireless Economy Monitor with 24in X 36in Pressure Sensing Floor Mat with Pager


Wireless Monitor with Pager that will alert Caregiver pressure is removed from the floor mat.

System Contains: (1) TL-2020 Wireless Alarm, (1) FM-05 24×36 Floor Mat, (1) TL-2020P Wireless Pager


Bundle Contains:

 (1) TL-2020 Wireless Economy Alert

 (1) FM-05 24”x36” Corded Pressure Sensing Floor Mat

 (1) TL-2020P Wireless Pager

Connect the floor mat to the Wireless Economy Monitor and place the floor mat along side of a bed or by a doorway. This system comes with a Wireless Pager (TL-2020P).

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs