Quiet and Wireless Bed Exit Alarm System

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Quiet and Cordless System!

Quiet and Cordless Alert that alerts the monitor when pressure is released from the bed pad

 System Contains:

(1) 433-EC Economy Cordless Alert Monitor & (1) GBT-RI 10×30 Cordless Bed Pad


The monitor will alert the caregiver and provide an early warning when a resident attempts to exit the bed. This system is wireless so there are no cords connecting the alarm and the bed sensor pad. This allows the caregiver to place the monitor in another room so that there is no alarm going off in the room with the resident. The system has between 150-300 foot range!
Use with 3-C batteries (not included) or purchase the AC-04 Power Adapter (sold separately).

The 10inx 30in bed sensor pad is made of soft vinyl, easy to wipe clean and incontinence resistant. The bed sensor pad should be placed under the fitted sheet on top of the mattress around shoulder level. When the resident removes their body weight from the pad, the monitor will alert the caregiver.


This system includes one alarm (433-EC) and one bed sensor pad 10in x 30in (PTB-RI).


Also works with (and sold separately): 433-MS (motion sensor), 433-NC (nurse call button), PTB-RI (10″x30″ bed sensor pad, PTB-WI (20″x30″ bed sensor pad), PTB-WI (10″x15″ chair sensor pad), and PTFM-05C, PTFM-07C (pressure sensing floor mats, choose between 24″x36″ or 24″x48″).

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