Fall Guardian 3000 Monitor and Bed Sensor pad – Automatically alerts Caregiver!


System includes (1) Fall Protection monitor, (1) Caregiver pager, and (1) weight sensing bed pad

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Set includes one Fall Protection Monitor 3000, one Caregiver Portable Pager, and one bed sensor pad. This is a perfect caregiver alert solution for health care facilities and in-home caregivers. Prevent dangerous wandering by placing bed pad on the bed about shoulder height under the fitted sheets. When a fall risk patient starts to sit up, the alarm will automatically alert and send a signal to the caregiver in another room, up to 200 feet away. Caregiver will press the reset button and help patient off bed. The monitor will then reset and is ready for next use. With no on/off switch, the Fall Protection Monitor 3000 is always on and has a status light and low battery indicator. The Fall Protection Monitor 3000 has a 1-year warranty, the Caregiver pager has a 90-day warranty, and the Bed Pad has a 45-day, 90-day, or 1-year warranty (depending on bundle type).

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45 Day 10in x 30in Corded Bed Pad, 45 Day 20in x 30in Corded Bed Pad, 90 Day 10in x 30in Corded Bed Pad, 90 Day 20in x 30in Corded Bed Pad, 1 year 10in x 30in Corded Bed Pad, 1 year 20in x 30in Corded Bed Pad