Quiet and Wireless Floor Mat to Pager


Wireless Pager that will alert you when pressure is applied to the floor mat

System Contains:

(1) DTP-PRB Wireless Pager & (1) DTP-FMT 24×36 Wireless Floor Mat


Place the floor mat along side of a bed or by a doorway, when weight is applied to the floor mat, the alarm will sound to alert the caregiver that assistance is needed.


The pressure sensing floor mat is off-white, made of a high quality, durable rubber with non slip surface and beveled edges, 24″ x36″.


The pager can be clipped to a belt or pocket on the caregiver. The pager has an adjustable volume and a vibrate setting. The floor mat is pre-programmed to the pager and ready for use upon delivery.


Use 2-AA batteries (not included)


One year manufacturer warranty.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs


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