Monitor with Easy-to-Push Call Button to Pager


Alarms in room and with caregiver!

Alarm with wireless pager that will alarm when pressure is applied to the call button.

System Contains:

(1) TL-4016 Wireless Alarm, (1) NC-03 Nurse Call Button, & (1) TL-4016P Wireless Pager


Monitor with Easy-to-Push Call Button & Caregiver Pager

Bundle Contains:

(1) TL-4016 Wireless Bed Exit Alarm Monitor

(1) TL-4016P Pager with LCD Display

(1) NC-03 East-to-Push Call button

Place the call button near the patient. Connect the call button to the wireless monitor and place the monitor beside the bed. The pager will visually and audibly let you know when the alarm has been activated.

  • TL-4016 Wireless Bed Exit Alarm Monitor includes a reset button, status light indicator, call button, adjustable volume, low battery light and pad lost notification light that would alert the caregiver if the pad became unplugged or damaged. Uses three (3) AAA Batteries (not included) or AC-05 power adapter (sold separately).
  • TL-4016P Pager with LCD Display receives wireless signal from bed alarm monitor. Display screen will light up and show a number when the bed alarm has been activated. Audible and vibrate alert options. Use two (2)-AA batteries (not included).
  • NC-03 Easy-to-Push Call Button is plugged into the monitor. When pressure is applied, the monitor will send a wireless alert to the pager that is held by the caregiver.

If you have questions regarding this system then please contact us at 888-622-3304 Monday thru Friday from 10am to 6:30pm EST

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Weight 1.35 lbs