Wireless Alarm with Bed & Chair Sensor Pads


Cordless alarm that will alert you when pressure is removed from both the bed pad and the chair pad

System Contains:

(1) 433-EC Cordless Alarm, (1) GBT-RI 10×30 Cordless Bed pad, and (1) GCT-WI 10×15 Cordless Chair Pad


Wireless Alarm can be up to 300ft from bed and chair sensor pads and can be kept with the caregiver so the patient is not disturbed by the alarm sound.

 Place the 10″x30″ bed pad under the fitted sheet in the bed and position under the shoulder blades, when the resident sits up the alarm will sound to alert the caregiver.

 Place the 10″x15″ chair pad in seat of a firm chair.  When the resident begins to lift out of the chair, removing their weight from the pad, the alarm will sound to alert the caregiver.

 Alarm features 3 volume levels with a chime sound. Alarm operates on three 3-C batteries (not included), or AC-04E power adapter, (sold separately). 

 This unique cordless alarm allows a caregiver to add additional products at any time. A total of six items can be used, such as motion sensors, nurse call buttons, additional bed or chair sensor pads or pressure sensing floor mats.  


One year manufacturer warranty.

Additional information

Weight 3.1 lbs

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