Quiet and Wireless Chair System to Pager – Complete System


New System!

Quiet and Wireless Alert that alerts the pager when pressure is released from the chair pad

 System Contains:

(1) TL-2020P Wireless Pager Alert & (1) PTC-WI 10×15 Cordless Chair Pad


The pager will alert the caregiver and provide an early warning when a resident attempts to exit a chair. This system is wireless so there are no cords connecting the pager and the chair sensor pad. This allows the caregiver to carry the pager within the home, giving them a great mobile monitoring system. The system has between 150-300 foot range!
Use with 2-AA batteries (Included).
The 10inx 15in chair sensor pad is made of soft vinyl, easy to wipe clean and incontinence resistant. The chair sensor pad should be placed on top of the chair with the transmitter towards the back of the chair. When the resident removes their body weight from the pad, the monitor will alert the caregiver.

This system includes one pager (TL-2020P) and one chair sensor pad 10in x 15in (PTC-WI).


Additional information

Weight 1.85 lbs