Bed Exit Alarms for Fall Prevention & Anti-Wandering for the Elderly


Prevent falls and wandering by providing an early warning to caregivers when a resident is about to get up from a bed, chair or wander out an exit. Using one of our bed exit alarms or motion sensors with wireless paging, caregivers can hear an alert and quickly go to the aid of the resident before a fall occurs. 



  1. Quiet and Cordless Bed Exit Alarm System!

    Eliminates Alarm in Room

    Provide an early warning to a caregiver by using this versatile fall alarm without cords. This system includes a bed sensor pad, to alert a caregiver when a resident is exiting a bed. The pad is cordless and not attached to the alarm so that the caregiver can place the alarm where they can hear it instead of sounding at the resident's side.

    Regular Price: $119.95

    Special Price: $99.95


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Easy-to-use fall prevention products for home care and nursing facilities. Ask about our new options to remove the in-room alarm with QUIET, CORDLESS, and WIRELESS monitors and pagers for caregivers.


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