Starter system – comes with 3 pre-programmed buttons and a Caregiver Pager


Prevent falls and wandering, monitor residents from one location.

The monitor can be placed at any central location and the pager can be worn by a caregiver and can be used with up to 40 components/items.  

System Package Include:

1- Central Monitoring Unit

3- Nurse Call Buttons

1- Caregiver Pager

1- AC Power Adapter

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The Smart Caregiver Economy Central Monitor Unit is a versatile and easy-to-use wireless nurse call system for caregivers to monitor their residents mobility and to preventing falls. This system is used by nursing homes and board and care facilities nation-wide!

System Package Includes:

1- Central Monitoring Unit

3- Nurse Call Buttons

1- Caregiver Pager

1- AC Power Adapter


  • Eliminate in-room alarm noise; various components send a wireless signal to the central monitoring unit – alerts a central location and a caregiver pager
  • How it works – A wireless signal is transmitted silently to central monitoring unit; notification will then correspond with a number (1-40) that caregivers will associate with each resident, wireless signal also sent to caregiver pager.
  • Works with bed and chair sensor pads, pressure sensing floor mats, motion sensors, and nurse call buttons. Additional items sold separately and can be added to best fit a caregiver’s specific needs.  
  • Remote reset buttons – optional component that allows staff to reset the central monitor remotely from where they might be instead of going back to the central monitor unit.
  • Power source – monitor runs on 4-C batteries (not included), or AC power adapter (Included)

Add on to your existing CMU – All these products can be added to your current system

Wireless Motion Sensor (433-MS)

Wireless Nurse Call Button (433-NC)

Emergency Call Light System (2017-SYS)

Wireless Remote Reset Button (433-RB)

Caregiver Pager (433-PRB)

Window/Door Exit Alarm (433-EXT)

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