Starter system – comes with 3 pre-programmed buttons – Add to for a more robust monitoring system for your facility.


Prevent falls and wandering, monitor residents from one location.

The monitor can be placed at any central location and the pager can be worn by a caregiver and can be used with up to 40 components/items.  

System Package Include:

1- Central Monitoring Unit

3- Nurse Call Buttons

1- Caregiver Pager

1- AC Power Adapter

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The Smart Caregiver Economy Central Monitor Unit is a versatile and easy-to-use wireless nurse call system for caregivers to monitor their residents mobility and to preventing falls. This system is used by nursing homes and board and care facilities nation-wide!

System Package Includes:

1- Central Monitoring Unit

3- Nurse Call Buttons

1- Caregiver Pager

1- AC Power Adapter


  • Eliminate in-room alarm noise; various components send a wireless signal to the central monitoring unit – alerts a central location and a caregiver pager
  • How it works – A wireless signal is transmitted silently to central monitoring unit; notification will then correspond with a number (1-40) that caregivers will associate with each resident, wireless signal also sent to caregiver pager.
  • Works with bed and chair sensor pads, pressure sensing floor mats, motion sensors, and nurse call buttons. Additional items sold separately and can be added to best fit a caregiver’s specific needs.  
  • Remote reset buttons – optional component that allows staff to reset the central monitor remotely from where they might be instead of going back to the central monitor unit.
  • Power source – monitor runs on 4-C batteries (not included), or AC power adapter (Included)

Add on to your existing CMU – All these products can be added to your current system

Wireless Motion Sensor (433-MS)

Wireless Nurse Call Button (433-NC)

Emergency Call Light System (2017-SYS)

Wireless Remote Reset Button (433-RB)

Caregiver Pager (433-PRB)

Window/Door Exit Alarm (433-EXT)

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