Fall Prevention Monitor with Optional Pager – Bundle You Can Personalize



Monitor can be placed at the bedside or wheelchair, connected to a corded sensor pad. Monitor’s alarm volume can be turned to silent. When the resident initially applies pressure to the sensor pad, the monitor will sound a soft beep to confirm the system is working. When the resident gets up and pressure is removed from the pad, monitor will send a silent alert to the caregiver pager. If the pressure is re-applied to the sensor pad, the monitor will automatically reset.

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TL-4016 Wireless Fall Monitor with adjustable tone, volume and delay

Monitor sends a wireless signal to the caregiver pager, alerting the caregiver that the resident is in need of assistance. Monitor also features a call button on the front of the monitor for easy caregiver paging. Also comes with protective cover with adjustable strap

  • TL-4016 has adjustable volume control, multiple alarm tones, low battery notification, Battery operated (3 AA batteries, not included) or optional AC adapter (AC-05, Sold Separately)

TL-4016P- Pager with LCD Display (functions directly with TL-4016)

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