Safety Auto-Reset FallGuard Monitor with Choice of Sensor Pads – Bundle You Can Personalize


Auto-Reset Fall Prevention Alarm – Mix and match with corded sensor pads for bed, chair or floor to create a complete system perfect for your needs.

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TL-2100S Monitor can be placed at the bedside or wheelchair, connected to a corded sensor pad. When the resident gets up and pressure is removed from the pad, monitor will sound alerting the caregiver. If the pressure is re-applied to the pad, the monitor will automatically reset.


  • Safety Auto-Reset, when pressure is removed from the sensor pad the alarm will sound. To silence the alarm press the one button reset or reapply pressure tot he sensor pad.
  • Optional TamperProof setting allows only the caregiver to silence the alarm with use of patented Caregiver Key.
  • No unsafe off switch
  • Raised Visual Status light enabling caregiver to see alarm from a distance
  • Patented Pad Lost notification alerts caregvier if the sensor pad has become unplugged or damaged.
  • Battery operated (3-AA not included) or optional AC adapter (sold separately, AC-05)
  • Low Battery notification
  • Nurse call capability
  • Adjustable volume
  • Multiple alarm tones
  • Protective cover

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty