Wireless Economy Monitor with 10in X 30in Bed Pressure Pad with Pager


Wireless Monitor with Pager that will alert Caregiver pressure is removed from the bed pad

System Contains: (1) TL-2020 Wireless Alarm, (1) PPB-RI 10×30 Bed Pad, (1) TL-2020P Wireless Pager Alert


Bundle Contains:

 (1) TL-2020 Wireless Economy Alert

 (1) PPB-RI 10”x30” Corded Bed Sensor Pad

 (1) TL-2020P Wireless Pager

Place the sensor pad under the fitted sheet, under the shoulder blades or under the hips. Connect the bed pad to the wireless transmitter and place the monitor beside the bed. This system comes with a Wireless Pager (TL-2020P)

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs