Basic Fall Prevention Monitor


This Smart Caregiver Basic Fall Monitor Alarm functions with weight-sensing bed (bed exit alarm),  chair pressure pads (chair exit alarm), floor mats, or early warning seat belt fall alarms (anti-wandering exit alarm). Caregiver is notified by an audible and visual alert. The fall prevention monitor ( Exit Alarm Monitor ) can be placed at the bedside or wheelchair. The exit alarms is connected to a corded sensor pad, floor mat or seat belt. When the resident is about to get up from a bed or a chair the monitor will sound alerting the caregiver. To silence the alert, simply turn the monitor off or reapply pressure to the sensor pad.

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Basic Fall Prevention Monitor

TL-2100B Basic Fall Prevention Monitor

The Basic Fall Alarm is used to monitor a resident’s movement. It is ideally placed at the bedside or on a wheel chair, and then connected to a corded sensor pad to alert the caregiver when an individual gets up and weight is removed from the pad. The Basic Fall Monitor is a low cost – no frills fall prevention monitor. It is designed for use with all Smart Caregiver Corded Pads, Mats and Seat Belts.

  • Nurse call port to connect to existing nurse call systems , auto reset , adjustable volume and delay settings, Use a 9-Volt battery (not included)


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