Adaptive Utensil Set


Easy Grip for Seniors – Adaptive Utensil Set, Arthritis Aid Silverware.  Three piece set includes a fork, spoon and knife.

  • Great for dexterity issues – wide ribbed handle creates non-slip easy grip
  • Premium stainless steel – exceptional durability
  • Dishwasher safe – 60 day guarantee

Great for seniors with dexterity issues, this set allows them to grip easily providing greater control while eating.

System Contains:

(1) Adaptive fork

(1) Adaptive spoon

(1) Adaptive knife

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Ergonomic And Adaptive Design For A Steady, Easy Grip:

Great for those with hand tremors, arthritis, parkinson’s or dexterity issues, the utensil set provides greater control while eating. Each non-weighted stainless steel utensil is capped with a built-up ribbed handle, creating an easy, non-slip grip. The three piece set includes a fork, spoon and knife.

Textured Composite Handles:

Providing a secure grip for weak or arthritic hands, each utensil has a wide ribbed composite handle. Contoured for a comfortable fit in your hand, the handles are built up for greater control and stability.

Premium Stainless Steel Construction:

Constructed with premium stainless steel tips for exceptional durability.

Set of Three Dishwasher Safe Utensils:

This utensil set includes one fork, one spoon and one knife. The utensils are dishwasher safe for easy, convenient clean up.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in