Wireless Pager & Bed Exit Alarm

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Wireless Pager & Bed Exit Alarm System-Immediate Notification in Another Room!

Complete Bed Alarm System - Fall monitor in resident's room can be set to silent, sending a wireless alert to the caregiver in another room!



  • Caregiver Pager with LCD Display (TL-2016P). Receives wireless signal from fall monitor (bed exit alarm). Display screen will light up and show a number when alarm has been activated. Audible and vibrate alert options. Use 2-AA batteries (not included).


  • Bed Alarm Wireless Fall Monitor (TL-2016). Reset button, status light, call button, adjustable volume, low battery light and pad lost notification that would alert the caregiver if the pad became unplugged or damaged. Use 2 AA batteries (not included) and/or AC adapter (sold separately).


  • Bed Sensor Pad 10" x 30" (PPB-RI). Place the bed sensor pad under the fitted sheet, 30 inches across the bed, under the shoulder blades or under the hips. Plug the cord from sensor pad into the bed alarm fall monitor. The monitor will sound a soft beep when pressure is first applied to the sensor pad to let the caregiver know the system is active. When pressure is removed from the sensor pad, the monitor will send a silent/wireless alert to the caregiver pager.


  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty on Monitor and Sensor Pad.


An effective bed alarm caregiver alert when someone is getting up without assistance or is in need of help. For in-home care and professional facility settings.


Smart Caregiver has combined wireless alarms with bed sensor pads, chair sensor pads, weight sensing floor mats, motion sensor and nurse call buttons creating silent resident monitoring, easing resident stress and more effectively alerting the caregiver.

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