Recordable Pull-String Alarm with Bed Pad System - DVBR1

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Alarm has personal recordable tone and can alert you when a patient gets out of a bed or a chair

System Contains:

(1) TL-3100V Recordable Pull-String Alarm & (1) PPB-RI 10x30 Bed Pad

Monitor has personal recordable tone with options to use either a bed pad that will alert when pressure is released or a cord that attaches to patient and will alarm when pulled off the monitor.

The Dual Recordable Voice Monitor is designed to sound when pressure (body weight) is removed from the pad or the pull-string is detatched from the monitor.

Place the bed sensor pad 30 inches across the width of the bed, under the fitted sheet. Position the pad under the patient’s shoulder blades for the alarm to sound when they sit up. Or place the pad under the hips for the alarm to sound when the resident is lifting out of the bed.

The Pull-String feature is great for a chair and will attach to the patients clothing. When the patient is sitting comfortably the pull-string should have slight tension between the monitor and the patient's clothing. When they patient begins to get up from the chair then the tension will pull the cord off of the patient and alarm the monitor.

The sensor pad is 10" x 30",  made of soft vinyl, easy to wipe clean and incontinence resistant. The bed sensor pad plugs into the bed alarm with the cord placed along side of the mattress. Use the strain relief on the bed alarm to avoid damage of the cord from any tugging or pulling.


  • Recordable voice FallGuard monitor (TL-3100V)
  • Bed sensor pad 10" x 30" (PPB-RI)
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Use with 3-AA batteries (not included) or AC-05 Adapter (not included)
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