Wireless Exit Alarm with Caregiver Pager and your Choice of Sensor Pads - TL-2016 - Bundle You Can Personalize

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TL-2016 - Bundle You Can Personalize

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Reduce falls and injury for the residents and increase caregiver freedom - Quietly! Wireless Fall Prevention Alarm and Caregiver Pager; alarm sounds with the caregiver and not beside the resident! Great method to implement fall safety while maintaining a quiet care setting. Mix and match to create a complete system perfect for your needs. .

Bed exit alarm fall prevention monitor that sends a wireless signal to a pager

Your choice of bed sensor pad, chair pad or floor sensor pad and early warning seatbelts plug into the fall monitor, when pressure is removed from the sensor pad or seatbelt is unbuckled, the fall monitor (bed exit alarm) will send a wireless signal alert to the caregiver pager. When pressure is applied to a bed sensor pad or a chair sensor pad, there is a soft beep that lets a caregiver know everything is fully functioning. When the pressure is removed, the caregiver can reset the alert by pressing the reset button on the front of the fall monitor.

The (bed exit alarm) fall monitor has a visual alert, call button that can be pressed which also sends alert to the caregiver pager requesting assistance, low battery light and lost pad notification that would alert the caregiver if unplugged or damaged. Use one 9 volt battery for the fall monitor and two AA batteries for the pager (not included) and/or add an AC adapter for the fall monitor (sold separately). Bed and chair sensor pads are made of a soft vinyl, easy to wipe clean and incontinence resistant.

Smart Caregiver has combined wireless alarms with bed sensor pads, chair sensor pads, weight sensing floor mats, motion sensor and nurse call buttons creating silent resident monitoring, easing resident stress and more effectively alerting the caregiver.

Pressure sensing floor mats are made of durable, non-skid rubber with beveled edges so that it is flat with the floor. Use the strain relief on the bed exit alarm to avoid damage of the cord from any tugging or pulling. This system is designed to assist caregivers in preventing falls of their residents. Fall alarms, mobility monitors, and anti-wandering products are efficient tools that help caregivers with their day to day to duties. These devices alert caregivers in a multitude of ways so that when a resident is attempting to get up and/or exit a doorway without proper assistants, the caregiver hears an alert and promptly goes to the aide of the resident.

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