Cordless Alarm with Infrared Motion Sensor - GPIR1-SYS

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Patented Technology!

Cordless alarm that will alert outside of room when motion is detected by the infrared motion sensor.


System Contains:

(1) TL-2100G Cordless Alarm & (1) PIR-01 Infrared Motion Sensor


New Early Warning Infrared bed exit alert

New - Patented Technology! 

The quiet CordLess® monitor (TL-2100G) communicates with the NEW infrared sensor rather than a bed sensor pad, reducing false alarms when residents move in their beds. The New infrared sensor projects a thin curtain next to the bedside to monitor resident before getting out of the bed.

Increase response time by a very narrow and accurate field of detection. It’ almost like a curtain of protection alongside the bed. As soon as the resident swings their foot or leg off the edge of the bed, the motion sensor send a wireless signal to the quiet CordLess® monitor in the hall.

The CordLess® Fall Monitor (TL-2100G) can be mounted away from the resident’s bed in the hall. Audible alert maybe adjusted to be quiet or any desired volume. Bright blinking light can be seen down the hall providing a visual alert to caregiver that help is needed. Prevents tampering by placing the monitor outside the room in the hall

The New wireless infrared sensor is CordLess® works with NO CORDS!. There are no cords between the motion sensor and the CordLess® fall monitor.

Monitor Works With One or Two Sensors. The TL-2100G can be setup to work with two infrared sensors if more than one resident needs to be monitored.

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