DUAL Function Exit Alarm, Pull String Alarm with Choice of Sensor Pads - TL-3100V DUAL - Bundle You Can Personalize

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TL-3100 DUAL Monitor with Bed Pad

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  • TL-3100 DUAL Monitor with Bed Pad
Voice Recordable Fall Prevention Monitor - Works with a pad and has a Pull-String function (TL-3100V)   +$44.95

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TL-3100V Dual Pull String Fall Prevention Alarm is a full featured fall monitor that combines the functionality of a pull string monitor with that of a sensor pad monitor. This fall prevention monitor alerts the caregiver when the magnet and string are pulled free from the monitor or use with a sensor pad and when pressure is removed, the alarm will sound with your personalized voice recording. Features include reset button, so that the caregiver can quickly silence the alarm while tending to the resident. Re-attach the magnet when the resident has been taken care of. Also includes a low battery light, visual status light, pad lost notification to ensure the pad has not been mistakenly unplugged from the monitor without the caregiver's knowledge. Low, med, high volume adjustment, Use with 3 AAA batteries (not included). One year manufacturer warranty. Bed and chair sensor pads are made of a soft vinyl, easy to wipe clean and incontinence resistant. Pressure sensing floor mats are made of durable, non-skid rubber with beveled edges so that it is flat with the floor. Use the strain relief on the bed alarm to avoid damage of the cord from any tugging or pulling. This system is designed to assist caregivers in preventing falls of their residents. Fall alarms, mobility monitors, and anti-wandering products are efficient tools that help caregivers with their day to day to duties. These devices alert caregivers in a multitude of ways so that when a resident is attempting to get up and/or exit a doorway without proper assistants, the caregiver hears an alert and promptly goes to the aide of the resident.