Anti-Wandering Door Exit Alarm System - TL-3005SYS

Item Number: TL-3005SYS
Manufacturer Part Number: TL-3005SYS

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Door Bar Exit System

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  • Door Bar Exit System

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Price: $499.95


Anti-Wandering Door Exit Alarm System* (For Facility or In-Home Use) 1-Year Warranty

The anti-wandering door system alerts both visually and audibly when a resident wearing a wristband approaches the doorway and is within range of the monitored door bars.  System is ready for use upon delivery - no hard wiring necessary!  



TL-3005SYS Package Includes:  

  • Single Door Bar Monitor
  • Resident Wristband (TL-2012SR1)
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Caregiver Key
  • Magnetic Contact Switch
  • Wireless Reset Button (TL-2014W) *Included with TL-3005SYSR2


For use with:    

  • Additional Resident Wristband Transmitters (TL-2012SR1)
  • Wired Keypad (TL-2010WKP)
  • Door Bar Tester & Wristband Control Unit (DT-01)
  • Magnetic Door Lock (TL-2025)
  • Large Facility Central Monitoring Unit (TL-2015R2)




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