Floor Mat Alarm with Wireless Pager

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Prevent Seniors falls and wandering with this easy-to-use system!

Just plug the pressure sensing floor mat into the alarm monitor, placed alongside the mat. The alarm monitor sends a wireless signal to the pager. When a resident steps onto the floor mat, the pager will alert the caregiver that assistance is needed. 

Caregiver pager features include low, medium, high volume adjustment, vibrate option, LCD screen with blue light for visual notification, clip to belt loop, place in a pocket or place on a counter top. Use with 2-AA batteries (not included).

Most durable floor mats available for home and facility use, plug the floor mat into the monitor which can be placed on silent in the patient's room.  When the floor mat is stepped upon, the monitor sends a signal to a pager (which can be up to 150' from floor mat) and alerts the caregiver that assistance is needed.  

Alarm features include a call button that the resident may press to alert the caregiver pager, low battery light, pad lost notification that would alert the caregiver if the floor mat becomes unplugged or possibly damaged, and adjustable volume.

Use with 1 9volt battery (not included) and/or AC-02 power adapter (sold separately).

One year manufacturer warranty on both alarm and floor mat.  6 month manufacturer warranty on pager.


Smart Caregiver has combined standard corded sensor pads with wireless paging technology; easing resident stress and more effectively alerting the caregiver.







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