Cordless Bed Exit Alarm System - GMBR1-SYS

Item Number: GMBR1-SYS
Manufacturer: Smart Caregiver Corp

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Price: $99.95

Cordless bed alarm and bed sensor pad

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  • Cordless bed alarm and bed sensor pad


Prevent Falls & Wandering with the use of Bed Exit Alarms! No Cords Between the Bed Alarm Monitor and Bed Senor Pad!

No Cords!

This cordless bed exit alarm monitor can offer some peace of mind to caregivers during the night. They can hear an alert if a resident is attempting to exit the bed without assistance. 


This cordless bed exit alarm monitor is portable. It can be placed in a convenient location closer to the caregiver so the resident wont be startled. Adjustable volume with a chime alert. Use 3 C-size batteries (not included) or AC-04E power adapter (sold separately,$8.95).


The bed exit alarm monitor will sound continuous when weight is removed from the pad. To silence the alarm, the caregiver can move the switch to the off position, located on the side of the bed alarm monitor or reapply weight to the bed sensor pad.


Place the cordless bed sensor pad 30 inches across the width of the bed, under the fitted sheet and under the resident's hips or for an early alert, position the cordless bed sensor pad under the resident's shoulder blades.The bed exit alarm monitor will sound when the resident removes their weight from the sensor pad. 


Bed sensor pad is 10"x30" in size and made of soft vinyl, easy to wipe clean and incontinence resistant.


1 year manufacturer warranty.


* This alarm is suggested to be placed within 30 feet of the sensor pad. If further distance is required, we do have more options such as the 433-EC or the 433-CMU, call 888-622-3304 for more details.